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A company dedicated to its clients.

In vaptuvap SL the quality, innovation, professionalism, social responsibility and passion, are the pillars that they define to us. We strived to offer the best dedicated server hosting service to all our clients. We know the important thing that it is to count on the confidence of a vapeo distributor that offers the guarantees that you business need.

Social responsibility, guarantee and fulfillment.

In vaptuvap it concerns the health to us of the people and the protection of the minor, as much is thus, that we do not sell to juniors and we always warned of the damages that the consumption of the nicotine and the possible effects of the vapeo and spor contracts it and that please the security in we counted on a quality policy that guarantees that all our products fulfill the legal norm in the matter of products of the tobacco (establishing the necessary measures for a safe consumption). According to they establish the European norms TPD and Spanish norm.

In vaptuvap we aspired to help the people who have developed disease by tobacco addiction by means of a useful tool, that reduces to the minimum the risks contracted by the consumption of the tobacco; (derivatives of the nicotine, additives, carcinogenic substances, tar and other derivatives of the combustion of the tobacco, as the benzene or carbon monoxide among others) and that helps to the person in measurement the sufficient thing so that it can let so much the habit smoke as later the own vapeo. and we also proud to tell you that this site is using unlimited bandwidth hosting.

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