Legal warnings

The use of the Web to minors of 18 years, as well as the cigarette sale is prohibited or electronic devices and-liquids to minors of 18 years.

The consumption of nic³tica and liquids with or without nicotine, during the pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.

The products are due to maintain remote of children and mascots.

It must make sure that all the products have the labelling with their legal warnings as well as their composition, and expiration dates and as must store them.

The liquids that contain *nicotina (See information) are not verified that is effective to cure the addiction to the tobacco nor to the nicotine, therefore, they are not destined to being used as down alternative therapeutic nor exist scientific evidences of which they serve to leave the habit of the tobacco. If it wishes to take measures to stop smoking consult their doctor. In we do not sell medical products, nor we are a pharmaceutical company.

*La nicotine in sufficient concentration is powerful a poisonous one that can kill by ingestion, inhalation or contact with the skin or mucous.

We never recommended concentrations superiors to 18mg/ml of nicotine to vapear nor to manipulate. Its use implies serious risks for its health.

People with sensitivity well-known or allergy to the nicotine, with cardiac diseases and/or affections or problems of arterial pressure do not have to use it. She consults to her doctor in case of doubt.

The nicotine in any form is highly addictive.

Its use is prohibited by law for minors of 18 years nor must be used during the pregnancy or lactation. In case of ingestion, it goes immediately to the doctor.

The amount of nicotine of an electronic cigarette or a boat of and-liquid, still being small, if it is ingested by a small boy can cause serious damages to his health, even the death. In case of ingestion it goes immediately to his doctor. In case of contact with the skin or mucous to wash with abundant water and soap and goes to its doctor.