Vaptuvap SLU, informs about the use of the cookies in its webpage:

In the Web we used cookies to facilitate the relation of the visitors with our content and to allow to elaborate statistical on the visitors who we received.

In accordance with Directive 2009/136/CE, developed in our ordering by the section the second of the article 22 of the Law of Services of Society of the Information, following directives of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, we come to inform to him in detail into the use that is realised in our Web.

Cookies to some are denominated small archives that are recorded in the navigator used by each visitor of our Web so that the servant can remember the visit of that user later when he returns to accede to our contents. This information does not reveal its identity, nor personal data some, nor accedes to the content stored in its PC, but that allows our system to identify to him to you as a certain user who either visited the Web previously, visualized certain pages, etc. and in addition allows to keep its personal preferences and technical information as for example the realised visits or concrete pages that visit.

If it does not wish that cookies in their navigator keep or prefers to receive a information whenever a cookie solicits to settle, it can form his options of navigation so that it becomes of that form. Most of the navigators allow the management of the cookies of 3 different forms:

€¢ The cookies always are rejected;
€¢ The navigating question if the user wishes to install each cookie;
€¢ The cookies always are accepted;
His navigator can also include the possibility in detail of selecting the cookies that wishes they settle in his computer. In particular, the user can normally accept some of the following options:
€¢ to reject the cookies of certain domains;
€¢ to reject the cookies of third parties;
€¢ to accept nonpersistent cookies as (they eliminate themselves when the navigator closes himself);
€¢ to allow the servant to create cookies for a different domain.
In order to allow, to know, to block or to eliminate the cookies installed in his equipment he can make it by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in his computer.

He can find information exceeds how to form the used navigators more in the following locations:

€¢ Internet Explorer: Tools - > Options of Internet - > Privacy - > Configuration. For more information, it can consult the support of Microsoft or the Help of the navigator.
€¢ Firefox: Tools - > Options - > Privacy - > Historial - > Customized Configuration. For more information, it can consult the support of Mozilla or the Help of the navigator.
€¢ Chrome: Configuration - > Mostrar options outposts - > Privacy - > Configuration of content. For more information, it can consult the support of Google or the Help of the navigator.
€¢ Safari: Preferences - > Security. For more information, it can consult the support of Apple or the Help of the navigator.
With respect to the cookies of third parties, that is to say those that are other people's to our website, we cannot do responsible for the content and veracity to us of the privacy policies that they include reason why the information that we offer to him is always in reference to the source.
This Policy of Cookies based on legislative, prescribed exigencies can be modified, or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, for that reason it is advised to the Users who visit it periodically.
When significant changes in this Policy of Cookies take place, they will communicate to the Users or by means of the Web or through e-mail the registered Users.

Acceptance of the Policy of cookies.

Vaptuvap SLU assumes that you accept the use of cookies when sailing by his webpage. However, we will show of clear form and legible information on its Policy of cookies in the part inferior or superior of any page of the portal with each home of session with the intention of which you are conscious. And in the main menu of the webpage.

Before this information it is possible to take to end the following actions:
€¢ To accept cookies. One will not become to visualize this warning when acceding to any page of the portal during the present session.
€¢ To close. The warning in the present page is hidden.