The access and use of the Web are subject to the acceptance on the part of the user of the following conditions and applicable laws. When acceding and consulting the Web, the user accepts, without limitations nor reserves, the Conditions that are indicated next. In case of not accepting the Conditions, one invites the user not to use the Web.

The product purchase through the Web is regulated by the following Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale:
Also they will communicate to the client in the phase of purchase so that it can accept them before realising the purchase.

In case any Clause of the present Conditions of Use and Sale is declared null, the other Clauses will follow effective and they will be interpreted considering the will of the parts and the purpose of these Conditions of Use and Sale.
1.1. The contents, products and services including in the Website are not conceived nor are directed to those people who reside in jurisdictions where their contents are not properly authorized.
1.2. The Website only includes the pages served by at every moment. The access to, and navigation by, the Website is exclusive responsibility of the users in the terms anticipated in the present General Conditions. Vaptuvap SLU does not become person in charge of the contents of external liaisons, which are responsibility only of their operators.
1.3. The consultation of anyone of the contents of the Website will not by itself constitute any type of contractual relation between Vaptuvap SLU and the user. The exercise on the part of Vaptuvap SLU of any secondary legislation of these Conditions of Use and Sale will not be interpreted as it resigns to right saying, except for resignation it express and in writing on the part of Vaptuvap SLU or prescription of the action that in each case corresponds.

The Website offers sale of products of the tobacco and consumer goods of form online included in the different categories from the Web, as well as complementary product sale of these categories.
Registry of the users.
If it wishes to buy products sold through the Web, it will have to register as user being introduced his data in the form of corresponding registry. The user guarantees to Vaptuvap SLU that the data facilitated for the registry are updated, they are true and correct, and it is committed to communicate any modification of the data related to the registry. This communication will have to realise through the personal account. In case Vaptuvap SLU thinks that the information is not correct or, for whatever reason it burdens, it considers this measurement just, will be able to deny the access to the Web and to suspend the account of the user. The prices can be object of periodic variations. Vaptuvap SLU reserves the exclusive right to update, to modify or to eliminate the contents of the Website, as well as the right to limit or to prevent the access to the same. Vaptuvap SLU will be able at any time to exert such rights and without previous warning.

Once the registry has been completed and realised the corresponding validations on the veracity of the provided data, the user will be able to select the products that appear described in the Website, according to the combination of options available, that could be added to the purchase cart until completing an order.
The user, once realised the selection of product, incorporated to the cart of purchase and made the payment in advance. The order and, therefore, the contract are considered formalized once have satisfied all the requirements related regarding to have completed the process of purchase, validation of the provided archives and confirmation of payment.
All the images contained in the Website are illustrative and in no case contractual, being able not to agree the final result with the supplied one, although they must have reasonable similarities. The orders will begin once completed the payment, that will be able to be realised by means of Paypal, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or banking transference. The data necessary to make the payment with credit card will be sent by means of systems of encriptado to the company contracted by Vaptuvap SLU for the services of electronic payment (Web), in guarantee of the protection of the data of the user. In the cases in which the payment is realised by means of banking transference the downtime can turns affected by delays in the effective verification of the registry of the banking note in the account of ownership of Vaptuvap SLU
In no case, an order will be completed if the requirement of confirmed payment is not fulfilled. In any case, Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right to cancel an order by technical reasons for production.
The client will be able to buy products online and to realise the payments with Paypal, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or banking transference as she indicates herself in the Web, following the instructions for the accomplishment of the purchase.

4.1. The user commits himself to use the services and contents of the Website in accordance with the Law, the present General Conditions and the particular conditions of the services that the Website at every moment supplies, having to abstain to use stop them:
4.1.1. To realise illicit or constituent activities of crime, opposites to the good faith, the moral, the public order, or the uses, and/or activities that constitute an infraction of the regulation on intellectual and industrial property or any other norm of the applicable legal ordering.
4.1.2. To spread contents of racist character, xenophobe, pornographic, of vindication of the terrorism and/or that attempt against the human rights.
4.1.3. To introduce or to spread in the network programs of data (injurious virus and software) susceptible to bring about damages in the computer science systems or usuary third parties of the internal network or of this Website.
4.1.4. To transmit to third parties nonauthorized its name of user and its password, having to communicate immediately to Vaptuvap SLU the access on the part of a nonauthorized user to this information. To such effects, Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right to modify the name of user and the password for the protection of the service.
4.1.5. To put at the disposal of the other users, to send by email electronic or of some way to transmit any content that, in agreement with the applicable dispositions or existing contractual relations, the user is not authorized to transmit (such as privileged information, information protected by rights of industrial or intellectual property or information on which he must have of confidentiality).
4.1.6. To realise Spamming practices and, generally, to spread publicity nonasked for or authorized, material advertising, €˜mail trash€™, €˜pyramidal letters in chain€™, €˜structures€™, or any other form of information, except in the areas of the Website specifically qualified for it.
4.1.7. To reproduce, to duplicate, to copy, to sell, to resell or to explode for commercial aims, total or partially, the contents of the Website, without previous express authorization.

The terms that are reflected in the Website correspond to the calculation of the production, it transports and it gives since the order and the purchase are formalized (With payment confirmation). The calculation of the same begins as of the following working day to the formalization of the order. Working days are considered the workable days of Monday through Friday, being able to also compute itself as noncapable those that correspond with the festive nationals. Vaptuvap SLU does not take responsibility of the following aspects:
5.1. Terms of production, transport and give.
Even being orientative, the calculation of workable days that are reflected in corresponds of rigorous form with the terms in which all the process is realised. Even so, Vaptuvap SLU does not take responsibility of the dates of production, transports and delivery that appears in the Website. If by some special case a binding contract existed in which the good aim of an order was put under the delivery in a concrete date, in case of breach of Vaptuvap SLU on the agreed to date, the responsibility of indemnification on the part of Vaptuvap SLU would correspond with a criterion of proportionality with respect to the delay, not being able to surpass in any case an economic amount superior to the one of the amount of the order. In no case lonasxxl will be responsible on damages and/or damages caused by delays in the terms of production, transport and give.
The terms of production, transport and delivery that appears reflected in the Website corresponds with the considered ones for Pen­nsula delivery. For deliveries in the Balearics it will have to add 1 day labor but to the date reflected in the Website. Any other geographic zone will have to be consulted with Vaptuvap SLU

5.2. Extension of the term of production, transports and gives.
In force majeures or whose responsibility does not fall on Vaptuvap SLU, such as climatic questions, natural phenomena, strikes, retention in customs, failures or accidents, the downtime will be extended. This assumption also extends to the third parties that Vaptuvap SLU could contract, as for example operators of logistic, in the case of undergoing the mentioned misfortunes, as long as they had influence on the temporary delay in the production process, transports and gives.
For the cases in which Vaptuvap SLU does not have stock on a product, Vaptuvap SLU is committed to communicate immediately with the user. Vaptuvap SLU does not take responsibility of the damages caused by this assumption, although it will try search a solution of commitment for the good aim of the operation.

5.3. Operator of logistic and gives.
Vaptuvap SLU will contract the services of suitable operators of logistic more for the transport with guarantees of the merchandise, not being able to exert the user no influence on the operator.
At the moment at which the product is given to the operator of logistic, a cession of risk to the user takes place, as long as it is not an individual. In case of orders with shipments to third parties it is considered to the user as client. In case the delivery is realised in favor of third parties or if the adressee of the shipment becomes rich by the appropriation or other utilities of the shipment, he will be considered then to the user and the adressee of the shipment as clients. When realising this type of orders the requester assures tacitly in this way that the conformity exists.
When declaring explicitly in the Website a delivery different from which the user corresponds to his trade name shows that a relation of this type exists and who the delivery must be realised where it orders.
The expeditions with measures superiors to the standard allowed by the carrier, can undergo delays in the delivery.
5.4. Defect or damage in the merchandise
The verification of the perfect integrity of the received merchandise, as well as the absence of damages in the packing is responsibility of the user and packages that protect them. Any flaw, as much of the merchandise as of the packing will have to be specified in writing to the operator of logistic who realises the transport. Always, even though the perfect state of the packing would suggest it merchandise was intact, must be signed before the carrier with the heading €œwith verification reserve€. On the contrary, Vaptuvap SLU declines any responsibility on which they were the damages or defects undergone by the merchandise in the transport process.
Any possible defect or observed damage will have immediately to be indicated the carrier and, in later the 48 hours it will have to open to an incidence in the email address indicating the number of order and all the possible information. It is recommended to send photographies or all documentation that the client considers.
Vaptuvap SLU will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, derivative or caused by possible errors of any type or nature, in the final result of the product.
5.5. Claims on the end item
Vaptuvap SLU does not accept claims related to tolerances or slight deviations on the end item, understanding slight deviations in the measures, colors, you cut, you fold, cleaved etc. in a same order, or between diverse orders. As well as the interpretation that could be given as far as colors or forms, details that when realising the purchase are observed between the photograph shows of the product of the webpage and the sold physical product.
A deviation of until a 5% by excess or defect of in charge merchandise will be considered normal. In case they are surpassed these limits of tolerance Vaptuvap SLU are commited to replace the merchandise in a term that it considers reasonable. In case of, by the reason that were, were impossible the improvement or substitution on the part of Vaptuvap SLU, the user it can terminate the transaction contract and it will be decided on an exchangeable BOND to buy in the Website. In no case it will exceed the total value the order.

At the moment that receives its order, the user will have to examine received products. The possible flaws of the given merchandise, in case of observing some error with the asked for order nonimputable to the user must be communicated immediately by email electronic to, indicating the number of order and enclosing photographies that justify the claim until a maximum term of 14 days as of the date in which it received the order. Vaptuvap SLU will do all the possible one to take care of the claims in the minimum possible term from the reception of the same, except for holiday and week ends.
Vaptuvap SLU does not assume responsibility some derived, declarative but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting:
6.1. Of the possible damages caused to the users as a result of an on-speed operation or abnormal of the tools search, of the organization or the location from the contents and/or access to the Website and, generally, of the errors or problems that are generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements that the Website or a program facilitates the user.
6.2. Of the acts or omissions of third parties, irrespective of whether these third parties could be united to Vaptuvap SLU by means of contractual route.
6.3. Of the access of juniors to the contents including in the Web, being responsibility of its ancestors or tutors to exert a control adapted on the activity of the children or minors to its position or to install some of the tools of control of the use of Internet with the intention of avoiding the access to materials or contents nonapt for minors, as well as the shipment of personal data without the previous authorization of its ancestors or tutors.
6.4. Of errors or delays in the access to the Website on the part of the user at the time of introducing its data in the Form of Order, the slowness or impossibility of reception on the part of the adressees of the confirmation of the order or any anomaly that can arise when these incidences must to problems in the Internet network, causes of act of God or greater force and any other unforseeable contingency other people's to the good faith of Vaptuvap SLU
Vaptuvap SLU does not accept cancellations nor modifications of orders after the technical conformity and to the effective formalization of the payment, not offering the possibility of return of the payment made by the client.
6.5. Of failures or incidences that could take place in the communications, erasure or incomplete transmissions, so that it is not guaranteed that the Website is constantly operative.
6.6. Of the errors or damages produced to the Website by an inefficient use and of bad faith on the part of the Partner or User.
6.7. Of the nonoperativity or problems in the direction of email facilitated by the user for the shipment of the confirmation of the order.
Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right, always in accordance with the applicable norm, to modify the conditions of application of the promotions, to prorogue communicating them properly it, or to come to the exclusion from anyone from the participants of the promotion in the assumption to detect any anomaly, abuse or little ethical behavior in the participation of the same (as for example massive purchases, commercial activities, fraudulent activity, among others).
Vaptuvap SLU is committed to solve the problems that can arise and to offer all the support necessary to the user to reach a fast solution and satisfactory of the incidences that can arise in the Website.

Vaptuvap SLU will be able at any time to retire, to suspend the services and without needing previous warning. Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right to cancel the account of the user who fails to fulfill the settled down thing in the present General Conditions.
Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right to modify or to drop from rolls any aspect, at any time and without previous warning, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the Conditions of Use and Sale. The users always will have these Conditions of Use and Sale in a visible site, freely accessible for whichever consultations wants to realise. The Users will have to kindly read these Conditions of Use and Sale whenever they accede to the Website. In any case, the acceptance of the Conditions of Use and Sale, effective at every moment, will be a previous and indispensable step to the purchase or hiring of any product or service, reason why the modifications that Vaptuvap SLU could introduce, will not be applied if previously they have not been accepted by the user. Even in this way, the user indicates his express consent to the incorporation of new services in the Website, as well as modifications of the characteristics, prices and other conditions of the already existing services.

The user accepts the Protection of Data and privacy that Vaptuvap SLU informs in the Political section €œof Privacy€ where it can inquire. And thus he is pointed out also during the formalization of the process of purchase by means of the following text; €œYour personal data will be used to process your order, to improve your experience in this Web and other intentions described in our policy of privacy€.

All the information and published contents on the Web are protected by rights of author or other rights of intellectual property and, unless another thing is not indicated, they are not possible to be used (neither partial nor totally) nor to be copied, to be reproduced, to be transferred, to be published or to be distributed of any way without the written consent previous of Vaptuvap SLU. The user will be able to exclusively unload and/or to print the information for personal use. In any case, the user will not be able to distribute, to modify, to transmit, to reuse, to send or to use the Information, for any aim without the written authorization previous of Vaptuvap SLU. This information includes present texts, images, contents and software in the Webpage.
The brands, logos and any distinctive feature that appears in the Webpage are of property of Vaptuvap SLU and they are possible to be used none neither forms, nor through no means without the written consent previous of Vaptuvap SLU
In case any violation of the rights of intellectual property was detected, it is possible to be informed on the matter to Vaptuvap SLU through the following direction of E-mail:

Supposing that any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application arises from the present General Conditions, the Courts and Courts who, where appropriate, will know the subject, they will be those that arrange the applicable legal norm in the matter of competent jurisdiction, in which it is taken care of, concerning end-users, to the place of the fulfillment of the obligation or to the one of the address of the buying part.
All this notwithstanding the faculty of the user to go to the Arbitration board of Consumption of its demarcation.
Both parts are put under, with express resignation to any other charter, the Courts and Courts of Madrid (Spain).

The right of dropping of the claim or return without reason that applies for the consumers of generic form and that is predicted in article 45 of the Law of Commerce cannot be applied to the users of Vaptuvap SLU for being products realised (made goods) according to the specifications of the user (consuming) or clearly customized (specifically), understanding in this meaning all those in which it forms, measurement, graph or any technical process it must be applied at the suggestion of the user (indication or selection of characteristics in the Website) or from the provided file.
It will only be possible to exert the right of dropping of the claim or return on the part of the users (consuming) in those products on which personalisation has not been realised some. Only in this assumption the user will have right to stop the contract within 14 days without needing justification, to count as of the date of delivery of the product to a third different one from the operator from logistic.
In order to be able to exert the dropping of the claim right he will have to send an explicit communication that therefore shows it before the aim of the term to the mail
Vaptuvap SLU will send to the user a communication in which the corresponding return will be detailed, including the expenses of transport and gives. The return will be effective in the maximum term of 14 days from the date in which Vaptuvap SLU has received the communication of the dropping of the claim by means of the same system of payment that the user has used, unless the user arranges in opposite. Vaptuvap SLU reserves the right to retain the return of the monetary amount until to have received the product or a manifest test of its return is obtained. The responsibility and the expenses of return of products are in charge of the user.