The present Legal Warning regulates the general conditions of access and use of the accessible website in the direction URL (in future, the website), that Vaptuvap SLU puts at the disposal of the users of Internet.

The use of the website implies the total acceptance and without reserves of each and every one of the dispositions including in this Legal Warning. Consequently, the user of the website must kindly read the present Legal Warning in each one of the occasions in which he sets out to use Web, since the text could undergo modifications to criterion of the holder of the Web, or because of the legislative, legal or actually enterprise change.


Trade name of the Company: Vaptuvap SLU
Head office: C Belgica Pol. City of transport 12006 castell³n.
C.I.F. B44528933

2. - OBJECT.
The website facilitates to the users of the same the access to information and served by Vaptuvap SLU to those people or organizations interested in the same.

3.1. - Gratuitous character of the access and use of the Web.
The access to the Web has gratuitous character for the users of the same.
3.2. - Registry of users.
With general character the access and use of the Web do not demand the previous subscription or registry of the users of the same.

The language used by the holder in the Web will be the Castilian. Vaptuvap SLU does not take responsibility of the nonunderstanding or understanding of the language of the Web by the user, nor of its consequences.

Vaptuvap SLU will be able to modify or to terminate the contents without previous warning, as well as to suppress and to change these within the Web, as the form in which it is acceded to these, without justification some and freely, not taking responsibility of the consequences that the same can cause the users.

The use of the contents of the Web is prohibited to promote, to contract or to disclose publicity or own information or of third people without the authorization of Vaptuvap SLU, nor to send to publicity or information being worth for it of the services or information that are put at the disposal of the users, independent of if the use is gratuitous or no.

The connections or hyperlinks that incorporate third parties in their webpages, sent to this Web, will be for the opening of the complete webpage, not being able to declare, directly or indirectly, false, inexact or confused indications, nor to incur disloyal or illicit actions against Vaptuvap SLU

As much the access to the Web as the inconsentido use that can take place of the information contained in the same is of the exclusive responsibility of that realises it. Vaptuvap SLU will not respond of any consequence, damage or damage that could derive from this access or use. Vaptuvap SLU does not become person in charge of the errors of security, that they are possible to be produced nor of the damages that can be caused to the computer science system of the user (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored in the same, as a result of:

€“ the presence of a virus in the computer of the user who is used for the connection to the services and contents of the Web,
€“ a bad operation of the navigator,
€“ and/or of the use of versions nonupdated of the same.

Vaptuvap SLU is not made person in charge of the reliability and rapidity of the hyperlinks that are gotten up in the Web for the opening of others. Vaptuvap SLU does not guarantee the utility of these connections, nor takes responsibility of the contents or services to which can accede the user by means of these connections, nor of the good operation of these Webs.

Vaptuvap SLU will not be responsible for the virus or other computer science software that deteriorates or can aggravate the systems or equipment of the users when acceding to its Web or other Webs to which it has been acceded by means of connections of this Web.

The Web does not use cookies nor any other invisible procedure of information collection when the user sails by her, respecting at any moment the confidentiality and privacy of the same.

*SI ARE USED COOKIES TO CONSULT OFFICIAL NOTICE ON COOKIES USE the Web use cookies, can consult our Policy of Cookies, that at any moment respects the confidentiality and privacy of the same.

They are property of Vaptuvap SLU, all the rights of industrial and intellectual property of the Web, as well as of the contents that lodge. Any use of the Web or its contents must have an exclusively particular character. He is reserved to Vaptuvap SLU, any other use that the copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action suppose, of everything exclusively or leaves from the contents of the Web, reason why no user will be able to carry out these actions without the previous authorization and in writing of Vaptuvap SLU

Vaptuvap SLU guarantees the protection and confidentiality of the personal data, of any type whom to us our companies provide clients in agreement with the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December of Protection of Personal Character data.

All the data facilitated by our companies clients to Vaptuvap SLU or its personnel, will be including in an automated file of created and maintained personal character data under the responsibility of Vaptuvap SLU, essential to serve asked for by the users.

The facilitated data will be treated according to the Regulation of Safety measures (Real Decreto 1720/2007 of 21 of December), in this sense Vaptuvap SLU it has adopted the protection levels that legally are demanded, and has installed all the technical measures to his reach to avoid the lost one, bad use, alteration, nonauthorized access by third parties. However, the user must be conscious that the safety measures in Internet are not unconquerable. In case in that he considers opportune that yields their personal character data to other organizations, the user will be informed into the yielded data, of the purpose of the file and the name and direction of the assignee, so that of his unequivocal consent on the matter.
In accordance with the settled down thing in the RGPD, the user will be able to exert his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. For it he must contact with us in

The present Legal Warning will be interpreted and prevailed in accordance with the Spanish legislation. Vaptuvap SLU and the users, with express resignation to any other charter that could correspond to them, are put under the one of the courts and courts to the courts and courts of the address of Vaptuvap SLU