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to open to mount vapeo store

Distribution of vapeo stores.

First steps.

If these thinking about opening to a vapeo store this post interest to you. We are going to try to help you to choose the type of the premises that you need. what distribution you can interest more? as well as the minimum amount of optimal square meters or the decoration and distribution. The objective is not other that, to offer to your clients the best image and possible service, in addition to trying to be but the efficient thing with your business since any other professional would do it.

Surely, that being you first business, at the outset will have many doubts as any entrepreneur. These facing to you a new situation, in surroundings that are not the habitual one for you. But the moment will arrive where you pose or you have many doubts about the different typologies from the premises as far as the distribution or how to decorate the store? , how I am going to distribute it? or even what type of the premises interests more to me in the location? or if I want a great showcase? , the price of the rent will even be a premise before choosing the premises.

By where home.

Before the avalanche of questions and doubts that you can be always done we must know what it is but the important thing to be able to give the priority him that is deserved. In our case, to open a store of the most important vapeo it is to fulfill the legislation that applies for the opening of new establishments. We are speaking of technical legislation and the legislation as far as the Law of the tobacco. In both cases we will have matters that are going to us to condition or from the architectonic point as advertising line of vision or our business.

We enter matter. Minimal conditions.

From the architectonic point of view he will be the municipal technician the one that orient to you on the laws, real decrees and decrees that apply as conditioners of the opening of the store but in general scope you must meet the following conditions;

The new commerces of vapeo must have access to handicapped people and power to offer the same services that any other person who could accede to local you in equality of conditions. Reason why it contemplates, approach ramp if there are steps, the width of the front doors to the premises, as well as corridors of circulation, zones of turn or toilets. Everything will have to satisfy the needs with a person with wheelchair, in this sense exists normative specific where the facultative technician will explain details the measures to you yet.

Another point, not less important, is the toilets. They need to Me toilets of lady and gentleman? Whatever? since we have shelp previously, he will be the municipal technician who dictates the minimum needs, but in general scopes always you must have how minimum of one to handicapped people, to the personnel who works in the store. Or in the case that you have predicted that the people feel as in a bar, so that you have a counter with stools, armchairs or chairs where your clients can be seated, must of having two toilets one for gentlemen and another one for ladies, who one of them will have to be for handicapped people. Ten in account that you offer some services as any other commerce where you could take a coffee for example, seated 5 minutes and in that cafeteria has washbasins. Reason why or you can here be raised if it interests to have chairs or stools to you, since to condition the construction to you of two toilets.

More important things, the ventilation of the premises, the present legislation do not allow to smoke tobacco in establishments closed because of the smoke that produce, however the vapeo does not produce smoke reason why not yet it exists normative specific on if it is possible to be vapear in establishments. So, he is the own businessman who can settle down if it is possible to be vapear or no. Although on the other hand he is understood that we must have the premises where a salubrity exists at work and for the clients. It is for this reason, that the norm establishes a constant renovation of the air that can contain the premises, we can guarantee it by means of ventilation grids, windows or by means of average mechanics. He will be in this case the facultative technician whom it indicates to you that measured you must take.

Other points less important that you will have to fulfill are not; the facilities against fires, as for example in emergency installing lights in evacuation routes, as well as placing extinguishers, in addition to other safety measures that will go based on the architecture of the premises. On the other, the sound insulation of the premises will have to guarantee that you do not transmit to your neighboring sonorous amounts in dB that can bother to them. All this points also you the technician will indicate it who is going to realise the opening project to you, but you are not scared, normally for the small premises where is possible gives to purchase vapeo sale usually they do not have discharges exigencies, since they are not the premises where a high concurrence of people exists or where annoying activities as in bars restaurants or discotheques are developed, or industrialized surroundings.

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